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The Power Of The Two Essential Oils

Remember when I wrote about the body restoring moisture,I’m here to share with you the two essential oils that helped me.


Okay can I confess now that I’m one of those people who love essentials oil,I can’t get enough of them at all.If I hear or read about the new one and their benefits,I always go and buy and test them.


We all know when it’s winter we switch on our heater so we can stay warm right, well for me i had a big problem after I figured out that I had this big marks on my leg.


I had a friend once who always complained about the results she got after she sat next to the heater, by that time I was telling her to stop what she was doing to herself as she had this big round marks. Well to tell the truth I never had this in my life, like never until this year.


This year winter season was different for me, cause I was always next to the heater,boy I regret doing that even now. I discovered that I had this big mark that I didn’t know where it came from, and i remembered the same old story that my old friend had.


Spring is here and i had to do something with this big mark, so i got many advice on many product and i bought two to three of them and i got no results. I decided to do my own mixture as I always do.


My two essential oils that I went for was the tree tea oil and lemon grass oil and i mix them with cocoa butter oil. Remember do always mix essential oil with other products as they come raw.




Take out your cocoa butter oil and open it, what I did is that I bought the emty container so that I can pour the half bottle of cocoa butter on the new one.


Take out your tree tea oil and pour it into the half bottle of cocoa butter, just use only five drops.


Take out your lemon grass oil and pour just only five drops also in the same container.



After you have gone on all the three step you can now close the bottle and shake it very well, and you can apply it in the areas you have a problem with. This mixture can be use even if you don’t have marks also.



The first look

After three weeks

After a month


Just by a month of using this mixture I must say I’m happy with the results, the marks have faded away not completely but now they are lighter and not as dark as before.


What I love about this two essential oils is that they have many benefits as you can use them in many different ways. I will come with the next post and explain those other benefits I’m talking about, so watch out for my new post


Essential oils can be found

The Cocoa butter can be found at any Pep Stores.


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