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The Luscious Signature Lipgloss

I still can’t  believe it’s June already like yesterday was January, as that is not enough and here is South Africa we are in winter season. I really wish I could switch countries in time like this lol. Alright now let me stop with this pity party and share with you lovelies the signature lipgloss that I recently purchased. Yesss I said lipgloss and not lipstick.

I really love playing around signature cosmetics store and see what’s new there, so I must say I never get out there with emty hands. I bought three signature luscious lipgloss one being moonbeam,two scandalous and lastly the creme brulee.


ABOUT THE SIGNATURE LIPGLOSS: Signature Lipgloss provides long-lasting luscious lips and keep them moist all day long with captivating colour.

THE INGREDIENTS: polybutene, paraffinum liquidum(mineral oil), silica dimethyl silylaye, microcrystalline was, caprylyl glycol, phenoxye thanol, tocopherlyl acetate, retinal palmitate, neotame, persea gratissima oil, Tom oxide, fragrance( parfum).



The lipgloss comes in light pink colour and it got the calm scent in it. If you are not into perfumes, then this lipgloss is for you.

Signature lipgloss



Besides loving the name scandalous, this lipgloss comes in a beautiful pink colour that is little bit darker than moonbeam and even the scent is soooo scandalously yummy.

Signature lipgloss



The creme brulee comes in Orange colour and it got the peach scent that I love so much.

Signature lipgloss
Creme brulee



●They are suitable for every skin tone.

●They come in a beautiful shade.

●Very easy to apply

●Non greasy

●They have simple package

●Creamy and moist



They don’t last long as they promised, as you have to apply them over and over again.


Final Thoughts

As a lipstick lover, using  lipgloss never came to my thoughts, but I must say I’m gonna use more of them. What I love is that they are creamy and makes my lips moist and not to mention very affordable. Would I recommend them? Yes I would especially is you are looking for affordable lipgloss.

Are you a glossy( lipgloss)or a lipsty(lipstick) kinda like me as I talked about them ? Well if you have used this beauties please share your total thoughts with me lovelies.

Retail Price R35.00 comes in 8ml

Here are more signature lipglosses and hope you love them!

Signature lipgloss



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