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The Diamond Tissue Oil And Body Butter

If you have been reading my posts you will know that I’m an essential oil lover.So now i want to share the one I found recently,this one came as a set with diamond body butter and tissue oil.

There is nothing that can beat the beauty of package,I call it the attract attention.That’s what happened when saw this set and i couldn’t wait to get home and test them.I really love sharing about the the products and on how they helped me,but not only the good but also the not so good.


This body butter is enriched with mineral complex and the Bio-pharm oil and from my experience I must say that when it comes to body butter I didn’t get the results that i expected.For me I want to feel the soft texture when I apply body butter,well this one didn’t give me what I was looking for.


This tissue oil is also enriched with mineral complex and Bio-Pharm oil and from my experience I used it after bath and I must say it left my skin soft and oily,but as for the scent is really not for me at all.


It is true when they say there are things that can work for you and some not, well for me this one didn’t for me.When it come to Bramley Cosmetics I really love their lavender product,which I will write about soon.




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