Say Hello To The Restoring Body Moisture
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Say Hello To The Restoring Body Moisture

We all need that body lotion that stays on us the whole day right? I hope I’m not alone on that one Lol, not only the body lotion that stays for long but also that will leave your skin soft as well. Okay let me tell you about the body lotion that I found. Lets say hello to the restoring body moisture.

Say Hello To The Restoring Body Moisture

Say Hello To The Restoring Body Moisture

Winter is out of the way now, as we are in spring season and i  always want my skin to look soft, moist and yes clean also. So I love testing new products to see what works for me. I found the body lotion that works well for me and I had to share. Personally I always buy a body lotion and i will mix it with some essential oil so that it won’t dry my skin out.

On the back of my mind when I go buy body lotion it is a must to include some essential oil for the mixing, but not this time hey. This body lotion in talking about is called Skin Efx Daily Moisture, it contain argan oil and is quickly absorbed with non-greasy formula and not to mention the smell, I mean what would one want.

What Is Argan Oil?

Argan Oil is a plant that produce the kernels of the argan tree that is edemic to Morocco, it protects and repair skin, hair and nails with natural Moroccan argan oil products and that’s the reason is used for  cosmetic purpose.

My Experience With The Body Lotion!

What I love about this body lotion is that I didn’t have to mix it with any other oil and gives me the joy to say that it also helped me with dry skin and that is a bonus plus for me to tell the truth. I use it every morning and evening just after bath. I noticed also that after applying the Efx daily lotion my skin feels like I just came out of the shower, Yep i said it out of the shower😊. After weeks of using it, I really must say that yes I recommend it to anyone who have the same problem I have, well the problem I had.

Enough Said Twinkles you can get this Skin Efx body moisture at any Dischem Pharmacy. You can check Dischem Pharmacy for more.

Happy Skin Twinkles💋



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