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Say Hello To My Colourpop Lipsticks!

Let me start wishing you a happy New month. As a lipstick lover I thought that I should share my five lipsticks colours that I’m currently in love with, Say Hello To My Colourpop Lipsticks!

There are so many things that I love but nothing comes as loving lipstick, so shopping them brings me joy that I could not even explain myself. So I decided why not share this beauties here.


I couldn’t agree more when they say violet friday, cause this lipstick is totally made for friday vibes I must say. The colour is absolutely gorgeous,this lipstick is colourbrand by avon beauty



When I first saw this lipstick colour, I truly believe that they should have called it soft touch as the colour got this innocent look. I use this lipsticks when I want simple look colour. If you want simple colour then this beauty is a must have, it is also colourbrand by avon beauty



Who runs the world,when it comes to rich ruby I truly believe this is every woman must have lipstick, this colour to me says hello I’m here and what I love about it as that you can have an excuse to put it at any day. This beauty is also colourbrand by avon beauty



Can i breath first, alright now this dark purple is my one in all. What I love about this lipstick is that I only put it once and it last for the whole day on my lips without any mess. I was amazed when I was drinking coffee and nothing was on my cup, so imagine that. This matte beauty is from signature cosmetics. If you love lipsticks that stay for long, then get yourself this beauty here signature cosmetics



When one of my sweetheart bought me this lipstick, she definitely knew that I will love this colour. I really loved it from the first time I used it. It is matte lipstick and let me say it did the same job that the dark purple did. It stays long without any mess. If you love dark cherry then this is must have and it is from black opal beauty



When it comes to lipsticks and their colour, I really believe that colour can go with emotions(on how you feel on that day), for me when I feel down rich ruby pop out the good feeling out of me. So it is never late to play around with any colour that you love, so go on and do your thing.


Thank you for popping in and remember to play with those colours.



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  1. Hehe I know what you mean twinkle😊

  2. Ntebo says:

    Ahh I love them all

  3. I know what you mean twinkle

  4. Masha says:

    I really love the dark purple one❤

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