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Make-Up Essentials For Beginners

Let me start by wishing you a happy new month. Are you doing your own make-Up? I have just wanted to post the make-Up Essentials For Beginners that helped me also. I must say it worked well for me hey!

My First Time!

I remember when I started to put on make up , I was in matric by that time. I. Was going for my matric dance dance and well I didn’t do it by myself as I had someone who did it. After she was done it my I never thought that make up can turn me into Cinderella just like that Lol. I didnt even wanna wash my face hey but one had to.

After my matric it took me years to buy  Make up as I didn’t know what was what, cause all I knew was how to use lipgloss and eyeliner. But time came and i used to buy make up time to time and putted them in my show box that I made by myself, and that’s when i fell in love with cosmetics till today. So imagine all that make up in my box and i didn’t know where to start shoo.

So one of my friends have me a picture and not it helped me a lot.I sorted the them out in four departments so that I would not get confused. The FACE,CHEEKS,LIPS and EYES.



-Setting Spray



Setting Powder










-Eyeshadow base/primer



-Lip balm


Now Twinkles isn’t that just amazing for essentials make-up for beginners? Now since I used that I can’t get enough of male up, but to tell the truth I’m still learning.Thanks to Youtube channels cause they are a big plus in this lifetime, so i dont think we have an excuse😊. I mean all we have to do is click on YouTube and BOOM everything is right there in front of us, how great is that.

Now Twinkles I hope this essential make-Up  for beginners win help a lot of you as it helped me also, as I know that not anyone can get access to Youtube.So go but those cosmetics and pump them on your face and don’t forget to slay after that❤.


Remember to Be you and Do you and Enjoy you.


Happy Shopping Twinkles!



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