Lux Soft Caress And Shake Me Up
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Lux Soft Caress And Shake Me Up

It’s been hectic for me with exams and other things, but now I’m all done Yay.I want to share the lux soft caress and shake me up bar soaps.

Should I complain or not? Cause wow I really feel left out when it comes to this soaps, as I never used them before.But after using them I must say Kaboom.Truth must be told I normally use other brand beside lux.

Oh but this babies melts  my heart in where I was in Awe.



Want the fresh and the fragrance skin?Then the soft caress is for you.Your skin will noticeably be smooth as it contain silk and delicate white flower.



Want the fresh and frangrance skin that will give you the confidence to face your day?Then the shake me up is for you, it contain refreshing mint and chilled cucumber.


Pssst! Did you know that lux frangrance is composed by the world best perfume experts?


I’m still astonished by these bar soaps,I mean who doesn’t want to enjoy their bath after a long day! This beauties really stole my heart by their scent# heaven on earth.Have you been using this soaps yet? If yes please share your point of view and if not please try them and share also.

For more lux products you can play around their website

Enjoy with love,



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  1. Please do

  2. Selinah says:

    I really love lux bar soaps…I will try those as I was using other one.

  3. You just took words out of my mouth☺

  4. Zandie says:

    I love them also hey

  5. Do try it also twinkles

  6. Natalie says:

    I have use the soft caress and indeed it’s kaboom, will try the shake me up one. Thanks girl

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