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Less Ching Ching Latest Items

Have you ever go to shopping and you buy things that you didn’t plan to? Well you are not alone on that one. This time I bought a bag the less ching ching iteams, floral dress and yes they were not on my shopping list.


I love shopping! You love shopping and We all love shopping right?I decided to go shopping after the black Friday sale as I knew that it won’t be busy as it was, little did I know that I will get this two beauties cheaper than they were on black Friday! Ching Ching the best time indeed.



As a lady of colour and who loves flowers also, this floral dress got my attention the minute I saw it. This dress is from Edgars and it’s was only R189.00. Did I say R189.00? Oh yes I did😂.



The bags are made for woman#singing, oh let me behave myself lol and share with you a little about this bag. This two piece bag is from Truworths Fashion and it was only R390.00. I was shocked by the price also as we know Truworths iteams don’t come less, especially the DH( Daniel Hechter)Department.


Don’t you think the floral dress and this two piece bag go one on one together? Well I think so too.


Just remember to pop out the inner colour of you always, and thank you for popping in!



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  1. Thanks Twinkle

  2. ☺❤

  3. Michelle says:

    Look and you couz, I’m proud of you. Love you.

  4. Lebo says:

    You are beautiful ☺

  5. Lembert says:

    I just love how you write this, straight to the point and not long and boring. Love it

  6. Meme says:

    Can we ran about the bag please?💓

  7. Nkele says:

    I’m also totally amazed when you said the bag cost that much, like yes Truworths is not playing games when it comes to cash. But their iteams are amazing. I love it

  8. Geeee says:

    I love them wow❤

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