Johnson’s Vita-Rich Smoothing Body lotion Review
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Johnson’s Vita-Rich Smoothing Body lotion Review

I have been trying many body lotions lately, because of my dry skin. So I went for Johnson’s Vita-Rich Smoothing body lotion, and here are my thoughts about it.

Truth must be told I never had dry skin problem until recently, and it’s not something I really want to go through, yes I know you don’t as well.

I always buy body lotions to see which one will work for me and it’s been one big ride. The Johnson’s Vita-Rich Smoothing Body Lotion was my next test.

Johnson’s Vita-Rich Smoothing Body Lotion contains skin-loving extract and shea butter, infused with a luscious frangrance.

Johnson's Vita-Rich Body Smoothing Body Lotion

When I read that it contained Shea butter for me it was a plus,as we know that Shea butter is good for dry skin.This Body Lotion is thick and it absorbed well into the skin, and it is smooth also. After using it I was really expecting to have long lasting moist skin, but i didn’t get that.

What I love about this beauty here is that it really does smoothes and absorb into the skin. It’s amazing when companies go out of their way to produce the attractive package. Beside that it contains Shea butter, I was caught up by the packaging as well.

I really think that this body lotion is suitable for people who have normal skin and not dry skin. One thing i know that we will all agree on is the scent, it smell so devine.


  • It Absorbs easy
  • It Smoothes the skin
  • Good packaging
  • The scent is Devine and it last for hours.

If I had normal skin I will go for this body lotion. For more Johnson’s products you can play around their Johnson’s Website

Have you used this body lotion yet? If yes please let me know how it treated you, as I’m all ears.

Happy 2019 Twinkles,may this year be filled with love, joy and peace.

Johnson's Vita-Rich Smoothing body lotion


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  2. I agree with you there and I’m glad you love it😊

  3. You just took words out of my mouth, it smell great.

  4. Mellisa says:

    Love it Bridgy and the smell is heaven.

  5. Please give feedback on your journey Tammy and thank you.

  6. Hannah says:

    I love it hey and yes I agree with you as it works well on normal skin.

  7. I really love Johnson’s products Bridgy, I will definitely try that one also. Thanks girl

  8. So glad to hear it works for your skin type. You should try the soap bar as well hey😊

  9. Sharon R says:

    Love it also and it works for my normal skin

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