Avon Care Green Tea Body Lotion
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Avon Care Green Tea Body Lotion

After using Avon Care green tea body lotion, I thought why not share about it as I’m a lover of all things cosmetics. So now let me give my total thoughts about this body lotion.


About The Avon Body Lotion

● It provides 24-Hour moist skin

● It is formulated with green tea extract

●Suitable for all skin type

●Light and cooling


Avon Care Green Tea Body Lotion


How To Use The Avon Green Tea Body Lotion

You can apply the body lotion just after bath/shower daily and it will leave your skin with just-showered feeling all day. It is ideal for hot weather or holiday.

Avon Care Green Tea Body Lotion


I have been using the body lotion for four months now and I’m totally sold by it. I used the lotion as my morning routine,  after using this beauty I must say it did what they say it would. It made by skin feel calm and refreshed all day.


It is lightweight body lotion and the scent it’s just oh so heaven. This is my fourth bottle and that proves I’m in awe with it, and the fact that it contain green tea it’s a win ( as I take a sip of my green tea).

Avon Care Green Tea Body Lotion




So you may ask whether I would recommend the Avon Care green tea body lotion? My Answer will be yes I would,especially if you are looking for that calm and refreshing body lotion that will make you feel like you just came out of the shower all day long.


You can also go to avon website and check other beauty products there. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about this lotion, whether you have used it or not. The platform is yours now Lol.


Thank you for popping in Twinkles!



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  3. Girl I know what you mean☺

  4. Hannah says:

    I love the smell of it and the fact that is not greasy it’s a win for me.

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