Hi there Twinkles,

Welcome and let me thank you first for visiting and taking your time to be in this platform and i hope that you will love it.

My name is Bridgette, most of my friends call me Bridgy. I’m a Human Resources Graduate, Marketing Freelancer and Student, who love to collect cosmetics,lipsticks and dresses. Psssst! Did I mention that I can be in a beauty store for hours😍, oh well that just me.

Fun Facts About Me

☆I enjoy eating out, movies, music festivals and all things outdoor.

☆Lover of wine, french fries, pizza, lasagne and nachos.

☆I love to laugh a lot and very loud by the way😂.

☆I’m so in love with dresses, cosmetics especially lipsticks💋 of all colours.

☆Psalm 91

My motto is Dance and keep on Dancing…