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Say Goodbye To Dry Cracked Lips

Hi Twinkles,


Wow its already october and we are two months away for this year to end. Do you have that problem of dry cracked lips? Well I have two things that I need to share with you that will make you say goodbye to dry cracked lips.


If you know me personally, you will know that lipstick and i are best friends.I can’t go out without it at all. So by always using it I had discovered that after taking it off I will have very dry lips which made me go for many solutions.There are many products that I was told to use and other’s didn’t work at all and other’s they worked only for five minutes.


After all that one of my sweets bought me the lip butter original, and also lip therapy that is made of olive. I was very curious of them to tell the truth. So I decided to use them the same night before I went to sleep. I used the lip butter so it can stay the whole night and during the day I used lip therapy one.



This lip butter comes in a round container and it got the ingredients of Shea butter, cocoa butter and a flavour of mint inside.



The lip therapy comes in a tube and it contains some ingredients of  shea butter, fruit oil and olives.



After using them I must say I never really thought I will be still talking about them today, the butter worked well for me as it kept my lips moist all night as I didn’t wake up with dry lips at all.


As for the lip therapy worked well on my cracked lips restoring them and keeping them oily all day also, I didn’t have to apply it over and over again so it is a bonus hey.


This two beauties that I’m talking about my sweets bought them for me at Dischem Pharmacy and they come in very affordable price I must say. So now I have an excuse to apply my lipstick more.Remember you can check them on their website Dischem Pharmacy



Thanks for popping in and happy shopping!