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As I’m writing this now tomorrow will be black Friday, and everyone is excited and talking about it and yes even me lol. What makes me jolly about it is the beauty sale I must tell. Alright now I decided to run faster and share my top three Christmas movies.


Yes I know it’s not Christmas “yet” and well as I said i want to run faster and share them now. This top three movies are the ones that I always watch when is Christmas season and boy oh boy I can get enough of them. They may be produced long time ago, but they still tinkle me inside. Here we go now!


Here I’m going to start from number three to one in that order, you might grab yourself some snacks.


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In New York City , siblings Ethan and Hallie O’Fallon launch a hilarious scheme to get what they most want for Christmas with their parents, Catherine and Michael, and grandmother Lillian.
When Hallie meets Santa Claus, she asks for an unusual gift, her parents back together again.
As the children embark on their adventure, and while planning ahead, Tony Boer takes an interest in Catherine. Ethan gets pre-occupied with not only his parents’ romantic dilemma, but also his own, one brought about by his new friendship with Stephanie.
An elaborate scheme evolves with mice, telephone calls, and an ice cream truck, as Ethan and Hallie try to achieve their goal for helping Stephanie, and see Tony as the primary obstacle.
They succeed with a little Christmas magic from Santa Claus. Catherine decides to reject Tony and remarry Michael, completing Hallie’s wish.
Stephanie and Ethan talk one more time as she gives him a kiss; they began a relationship, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Home Alone 2( lost in New york)

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The McCallister family is preparing to spend Christmas in Miami , gathering at Peter and Kate’s home outside of Chicago . Peter and Kate’s youngest son, Kevin, sees Florida as contradictory to Christmas, on his opinion of the lack of Christmas trees in Florida.
A fight with his older brother Buzz at a school Christmas pageant results in Kevin storming to the third floor of his house shortly afterward. During the night, Peter forgets to reset the alarm clock, causing the entire family to oversleep.
At the airport , the family rushes to their plane. Kevin stops to replace the batteries for his Talkboy , carrying Peter’s bag which contains the batteries (along with Peter’s wallet and large amounts of cash). Losing sight of his family, Kevin inadvertently boards a flight bound for New York City after mistakenly following a man wearing a jacket similar to Peter’s.
Kevin decides to have fun with his unexpected adventure and tour the city. While there, Kevin meets a homeless woman tending to pigeons at Central Park , which frightens him. Kevin goes to the Plaza Hotel, where he uses Peter’s credit card to check in. Meanwhile, the “Wet Bandits”, Harry and Marv, have traveled to New York City after escaping during a prison riot.
On Christmas Eve, Kevin tours the city in a limousine and visits a toy store where he meets its philanthropic owner, Mr. E.F. Duncan. Kevin learns that the proceeds from the store’s Christmas sales will be donated to a children’s hospital .
Kevin donates $20 to the hospital. As a token of appreciation, Mr. Duncan offers Kevin a pair of ceramic turtledoves as a gift, instructing him to give one to another person as a sign of eternal friendship.
After encountering Harry and Marv, Kevin runs back to the Plaza. The hotel’s concierge , Mr. Hector, confronts Kevin about the credit card, which has been reported stolen . Kevin flees the hotel after evading Mr. Hector and eventually caught by Harry and Marv once again.
They brag about their plan to break into the toy store that night, just before Kevin manages to escape from them.
After landing at Miami International Airport , the rest the family discovers that Kevin is missing. After tracking the whereabouts of the “stolen” credit card, they fly to New York City to search for Kevin. Meanwhile, Kevin goes to his uncle Rob’s townhouse, only to find the house vacant and undergoing renovations, while Rob and his family are still in Paris.
At Central Park, he encounters and befriends the pigeon lady. They go to Carnegie Hall, where an orchestra is performing. The pigeon lady explains how her life collapsed when the man she loved left her and how she dealt with it by taking care of the pigeons in the park.
Kevin reminds the lady that she shouldn’t be afraid to trust people, and promises that he will be her friend. Kevin returns to the townhouse and rigs it with numerous booby traps.
He later arrives at the toy store during Harry and Marv’s robbery and breaks the store’s window, setting off the alarm. Kevin then lures the duo to the townhouse, where they spring the traps and suffer various injuries.
While the duo pursues Kevin outside of the townhouse, he calls the police before Harry and Marv catch him and discuss how they will kill him in Central Park. Before they can shoot him, the pigeon lady sneaks in and has the pigeons incapacitate them.
Kevin sets off fireworks he had bought earlier to signal the police. The police arrive and arrest Harry and Marv. At the toy store, Mr  Duncan finds a note from Kevin attached to the brick, explaining about what happened.
While searching for Kevin, Kate remembers his fondness for Christmas trees. After observing Kevin making a wish at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree , Kate meets him there and they reconcile. On Christmas Day a truckload of gifts arrive at the McCallisters’ hotel room from the toy store.
Kevin reconciles with the rest of his family and Buzz allows him to open up the first present. Kevin goes to Central Park to give the pigeon lady the second turtledove, reminding her that he will always be her friend.
At the Plaza, Buzz receives the bill for Kevin’s stay from Cedric and shows it to Peter who suddenly calls out, “Kevin, you spent $967 on room service? at which point Kevin runs off to the hotel.


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The McCallister family is preparing to spend Christmas in Paris, gathering at Peter and Kate’s home outside of Chicago on the night before their departure.
Peter and Kate’s youngest son Kevin, is being ridiculed by his siblings and cousins. Later, Kevin accidentally ruins the family dinner after a fight with his older brother Buzz, resulting in him getting sent to the attic of the house for punishment where he berates Kate and wishes that his family would disappear.
During the night, heavy winds cause damage to power lines, which causes a power outage and resets the alarm clocks, causing the family to oversleep. In the confusion and rush to get to the airport, Kevin is accidentally left behind.
Kevin wakes up to find the house empty and thinking his wish has come true, is overjoyed with his newfound freedom.
However, Kevin soon becomes frightened by his next door neighbor, Old Man Marley, who is rumored to be a serial killer who murdered his family in 1958; as well as the “Wet Bandits”, Harry and Marv, a pair of burglars who have been breaking into other vacant houses in the neighborhood and have targeted the McCallisters’ house.
Kevin tricks the pair into thinking his family is home, forcing them to put their plans on hold.
Kate discovers mid-flight that Kevin is missing and upon arrival in Paris, the family discovers that all flights for the next two days are booked.
Peter and the rest of the family stays in his brother’s apartment in the city while Kate manages to get a flight back to the United States, only to get as far as Scranton, Pennsylvania. She attempts to book a flight to Chicago but again, everything is booked.
Unable to accept this, Kate is overheard by Gus Polinski, the lead member of a traveling polka band, who offers to let her travel with them to Chicago on their way to Milwaukee in a moving van, which she graciously accepts.
Meanwhile, Harry and Marv realize that Kevin is alone, and on Christmas Eve, Kevin overhears them discussing plans to break into his house that night. Kevin goes to church and watches a choir perform.
He meets Old Man Marley, who sits with Kevin and they briefly speak; he learns that Marley is actually a nice person and that the rumors about him are false.
He points out his granddaughter in the choir, whom he never gets to meet as he and his son are estranged and have not been on speaking terms for some time. Kevin suggests that he should reconcile with his son, before leaving the church.
Kevin returns home and rigs the house with numerous booby traps .
Harry and Marv break in, spring the traps and suffer various injuries, but refuse to give up.
While the duo pursues Kevin around the house, he calls the police and flees the house, luring the duo into a neighboring house which they previously broke into.
However, Harry and Marv manage to subdue him and discuss how they will get their revenge, but Marley sneaks in and knocks them unconscious with his snow shovel before they can harm Kevin.
The police arrive and arrest Harry and Marv, having identified all the houses they broke into due to the latter’s habit of flooding them.
On Christmas Day, Kevin is disappointed to find that his family is still gone.
He then hears Kate enter the house and call for him; they reconcile and are soon joined by the rest of the McCallisters, who waited in Paris until they could get a direct flight to Chicago. Kevin keeps silent about his encounter with Harry and Marv, although Peter finds Harry’s missing gold tooth.
Kevin then observes Marley reuniting with his son and his family. Marley notices Kevin, and the pair wave to each other before Marley and his family go inside his house. Buzz suddenly calls out, “Kevin, what did you do to my room?” at which point Kevin runs off.
All this these movies are my top three. So Twinkles do you have your top three? Please share them with me so I can add in mine.
Enjoy with love,

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