From Flat Hair To Natural Hair Tips

Hi Twinkle,


All my life I always relaxed my hair and i did try it and i will always cut it every year when it was January and September. Well to tell the truth I enjoyed my flat hair so much cause it was easy to maintain and it didn’t cause a lot of money lol.


So I will always ask many woman who have big natural hair in how they got their big hair and they always told me they must wash their hair and they use natural products that’s it, well me being me, I did try what they told me about how they maintained their hair and to tell the truth my hair was always soft and silky and it’s a no no when it comes to afro hair. So I decided  to cut my hair short again so that it can grow back naturally.
I also started to do research on how to make my natural hair grow strong and beautiful, so i saw this product that people were talking about on twitter on how they got good results by using it, and yes I was keen so I was on the right track I guess. I went online and ordered the product as I was curious about it.


First thing first, remember that when you want to get natural hair you don’t have to relax it anymore right! Okay and also you don’t have to use a blow dryer also. To tell the truth I thought natural hair was easy and less when it came to cash but I was wrong .
But hey beauty comes with a price right.
What I will share is how I made my hair grow by sharing the products the products I used.


When it comes to washing my hair I don’t use shampoo at all, I only use condition only. So I use the protein plus conditioner and leave it for about 10 minutes and wash it off after that. The protein plus conditioner is good on reparing dry damaged and chemically processed hair.
After that I always do the air dry which is very good for people who want to go natural, and i apply purple castor leave-I’m conditioner as it is also good for natural dyes and damaged hair. I always do this hair routine once a week if I don’t have braidings on.
The protein plus can be found at Dischem Pharmacy and the purple castor leave-in conditioner can be found online as there are also many natural hair products on their website too.


Take care of your hair Twinkles



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    Hi girl, thanks for the tips, will go to the webside and check it out.

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    Thank you for the advice, please keep us updated

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