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Forever Rage My New Favorate

Hi Twinkles!


It’s spring and everyone is happy about that, I mean who doesn’t love spring. It’s very good season off all times. Talking about spring and all I have found my new love frangrance, it’s forever rage.


Forever Rage My New Favorate

Smelling good is a must right? i’m going to tell you about this new frangrance that smells so good. For me I love the floral scent, especially when it’s spring. I always test the new ones and i found it. I wanted the one that i never used at all. Before I got this one I must say I went to many stores for testing like four to five of them , as I also wanted tho buy the affordable one.

My Shocking Experience

I went to Rage Fashion store not looking to buy the frangrance of couse but to buy shoes, when someone talks about Rage Store “shoes” comes to mind right! Well as I was there I found out that they also sell frangrances, yes I was shocked also hey. They have four different frangrances at their store and when I was there was only two of them only, as the other two were out of stock.

I Was Astonished

As shocked as I was I tested both of the frangrances that were available at the store and i fell in love with one of of their Forever Rage. It smelled so good and it was floral bonus plus for me.I knew I had to buy one of couse. There is always a tale about frangrances that don’t last at all, as they last only for one, two and three hours only. Well I have had that experience as well believe me.
So this one last and it is also affordable. I use it on different occasions and for me it lasted the whole time as I used it. If you love floral scent as much as I do, I would say plug yourself and enjoy the beauty of forever rage.Truly beauty comes with price.

The Details

It is 50ml and i must say it comes in a beautiful package as well. As a lover of Dior I must say Rage Fashion did well with their Forever Rage Eau De Toillette.
You can visit their webside as the also have  many things in their Store
Thank me Later Twinkles

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  1. Great news

  2. Mpho says:

    Get girl I bought it and i love it

  3. I was shocked as well Twinkles,you have to check it out hey.

  4. Seline says:

    I’m shocked that Rage Clothing is selling frangrances now, I must check that out. Thanks hey

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