Finding My Inner Peace

To come to think about it, this year has been hectic for me in where I never even gave myself time to just sit and think.

Well it happens as I was more focused on my studies and i never had that time or should I say I never gave myself one?
For the first time this year, yesterday I decided to take a me time in my home.

I made myself coffee and cookies and read my favourite book. Just by doing that, I felt the restoration of inner peace. Yes the inner peace! I was amazed by how giving myself me time did for me.


It made me realised that I will never find that kind of peace from anyone or anything and only I can do that for myself. After everything that I went though this year, I must say I really enjoyed myself more by finding my inner peace.

I’ve learned that self care is paramount and with patience comes faith and self-belief and ultimately, self-worth.

I always say that you cannot give something that you don’t have. Well I wish that we all find our inner peace in everything we do.

Alright now remember to find a place that give you peace and give yourself time in your schedule.

Enjoy with love,


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  1. Thanks for taking your time twinkle😊

  2. Selinah says:

    Thank you for sharing this.

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